I’ve always had trouble paying attention or focusing on tasks. Looking back now I guess I never really noticed it consciously. Maybe it was the whole school thing. Honestly I hated school, but I loved to learn new things. I don’t know what I was doing in class, I was definitely an average student. I can remember not passing the 2nd grade. I can’t remember if that bothered me or not. Probably not because I was put back into the same grade eventually. Growing up i didn’t think I was smart, I wondered why I wasn’t getting straight A’s. I definitely wanted to get great grades but it was always difficult. A lot of my fellow classmates did better academically. Maybe they were working harder then me, that could be true. I really did not like doing homework either. I was always trying to get everything done in the classroom. I couldn’t wait to get home lol. I was the guy trying to copy off the so called smart folk. It worked for me though somehow some way I didn’t have to apply myself that much. I was fine with that to which isn’t good, I should of been doing whatever I could to get the best grades possible. I guess I didn’t care that much, was always thinking ahead or about something else. I’d say I’m a visual learner, and need to see things worked out before I attack it. So that probably attributes to me not grasping tasks as fast as others. Or maybe I just see things differently, I’ve always had a different approach to things. That brings me to say I have ADHD. I thought that was funny for people to blame life on that back then. I’m laughing at myself now because it does affect people’s lives majorly. Many of us just don’t know or are afraid to label themselves that term. I totally understand it but it’s okay you should know how your brain works. I pondered a lot back then wondering was I crazy or was something wrong with me. I’m glad I know now so maybe I can help some people dealing with it. You are definitely not alone, many people are the same believe it or not. 

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