I’m going to do a few post about this topic, I hope to open your eyes up a little. This one’s going to be about sports and how I was when I did play. I was blessed with great athletic ability all the glory to God for that. I look back now and say man I could of went much further had I been more aware of my brain and how it works. I wanted to be the best out there , I wanted to make every play, or shot. I honestly think I worried about that too much causing me to actually miss a lot of things I shouldn’t have. I know I’m not perfect but we all feel we can achieve more or do more. Maybe I put to much pressure on myself, maybe I over thought things to much. I never felt like I reached my full potential with sports. Maybe I didn’t accept the challenge with the right mindset. I always feared that I didn’t play well enough. I’ll be real with you I hated practicing it was never fun for me. I loved making plays and playing the game though. I didn’t put in the extra effort it takes to really be great. Had I did that you might be seeing me on your favorite team. But everyone says that you’ve heard it before me. Maybe I should of took things more serious. I think some of those things are due to how my brain works. You got to want it though there’s no excuse for that. You’ve got to love pushing yourself to extreme heights. We are all born with a will to win or succeed in life. Some never lose sight of that , others often lose it then regain again. I think it’s important to know what you want and what it takes to get to that destination. I think it’s important to work with intent or purpose so you accomplish things. Today I focus on being the best version of myself. We should get better everyday not just for ourselves but humanity as well.


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