As you can see this topic is very important to me. Theirs no introduction needed for this post. If you look at the world today I’d say more and more individuals have ADHD. Just my personal opinion, I feel like our attention span is getting shorter by the minute. We are becoming more like animals and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. To put things into perspective children and dogs have similar attention spans. Not very long at all which is expected given there nature. Kids want to explore, learn and are very curious. So are dogs which is funny to me but true. What I’m trying to say is now teenagers and adults have trouble concentrating. I know I do often, I always have quite frankly. Does that mean most of are suffering from this disorder? I’m not exactly sure. Does that mean we’d rather be focusing on something else? Possibly, does that mean we are thinking of other things all the time? Maybe, does that mean we are listening less? Maybe so, what I do know is I’d like to know. Now I don’t know everything I was only diagnosed a couple years ago. People with so called ADHD have brains that operate differently then others. I use to think everyone had a little bit of it, but I was told by a pycologist the opposite. Now y’all gone have to do your research if you want to know. I’m sure a lot of successful folk have it I almost guarantee that. Having its pretty cool to me, it can be your biggest asset yet worst. I’m still learning how to channel it as well as others I’m sure. Don’t laugh at the person who uses it as an excuse. They simply haven’t figured it out, it can really mess with your overall being. Remember I’m not a doctor, I’m only telling things I know from experience. I think we all should educate ourselves more because you might have it.

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